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Personal Arts Based Mental Wellness Sessions 

Your intuition, subconscious, emotions, body and spirit - all aspects of your right-brain - have a message for you through the language of art. The act of creating art has a profound healing effect that can benefit you on a holistic level. 

Why arts and wellness?


Dr. Bruce Perry, writing about historical methods of healing describes how people since the dawn of humanity have used art, food, dance, ritual and community to heal and move past difficult experiences (Malchiodi, 2014). Arts heal us on a profound level, accessing parts of ourselves that we are not aware of consciously (Allen, 2016; Malchiodi, 2014; Rogers, 2016).  When we work with art, we integrate new parts of ourselves, we form new neural networks in our brain (Schore, 2017), come in contact with our truer selves, gain deeper insight into who we are, what we want, our relationships, our hope, our dreams, our goals and our develop increased courage to move towards these desires (Allen, 2005; Rubin, 2016). We can heal past hurts, rewire our brains and work with our spirt, intuition, consciousness, body, mind and emotions in an integrative process which heals and unites us wholistically (Painter, 2007; Schore, 2017). *


  • Arts based mental wellness built around your personalized treatment goals. Available for individuals or couples. 

  • $100 per 60 min for individuals

  • $150 per 90 min for couples

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"Yes, art is a language. With expressive art, we are concerned as much about the process as we are about the product. And it is not a product to go on a wall or in a museum. It could be, but that isn’t the intent. The intent—just as in client-centered therapy—is to peel away the layers of defense and find our true nature. Art allows us to go into our pain, rage, and grief. Using art sometimes is much more effective than words to deal with some of these very difficult emotions."
~Natalie Rogers (Founder of Person Centered Expressive Art Therapy)

By experiencing this healing power, you can tap into the messages that your creative spirit holds for you. Take the opportunity to learn about yourself through your art and embrace the transformative potential of your creative expression.


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